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Making Gates, Railings and Grilles since 1997

Artistic Engineering have been producing a range of gates, side gates, garden dates, driveway gates and railings since 1997, with a wealth of metalwork expertise, we produce bespoke metal pieces to suit your every need and requirement. Artistic Engineering can provide you with a personalised quote to domestic or industrial premises upon request so feel free to get in contact with us to discuss your requirements.

We currently produce a wide range of gate, railing, and security grille designs, from highly decorative, to simple and functional, alternatively, if you have your own idea of how you want them to look like, we can work with you to design your own.

Metal Finishes


All gates, railings, and other metal work, are spray painted in house with 4 coats of primer, followed by 4 coats of superhard enamel gloss top coat, this ensures that they are durable and protected against the elements.

Powder Coated

Powder coating is available in many colours, but we would suggest that anyone considering powder coating should first think about having the metal work galvanised as powder coating does not ensure rest prevention

Plastic Coating

Plastic coating gives a smooth final finish and is available in black or white only, it makes for a good rust preventative as it seals the metal work from the elements.


A good rust preventative, silver in colour, but not a smooth final finish. Before paint is applied an etching primer must first be applied to help the paint adhere. Galvanising is usually followed by powder coating to give a long lasting finish and metal work longevity.

Driveway Gates
Side Gates